We have been fielding enquiries over the past few days from business owners wanting to know how businesses will process their JobKeeper application, which will be released by the ATO, online for processing from this Monday 20/04/2020.

Here’s what you need to know:


1. Before You Apply

You must notify all eligible staff of your intention to apply on their behalf. You cannot selectively choose some staff for this. If they remain employees, then all staff must be given the option of participating. All your eligible staff must complete the employee nomination form, confirming that they are authorising you to apply for the allowance on their behalf. Most staff will want you to do this, however there are some circumstances where staff may choose to opt out of your application (eg. Applying through another employer; already receiving benefits elsewhere, personal reasons, etc…)

2. Application Process

The inital application/reporting process should be completed between Monday 20/04/2020 and the end of May 2020. It will be completed online through either your own ATO business portal, or through a BAS/Tax Agent. 

3. Our Clients

If you are a current client of ours, you will already be on our ATO Portal, and we will be able to lodge on your behalf, if you want our assistance.

4. Our Support Package Clients

For those regular clients, on one of our regular weekly / monthly support packages, we will be completing this process for you, at no extra charge.

5. Our “Do and Charge” Basis Clients

For those who use our services on a “Do and Charge” basis each month/quarter, and we normally prepare and lodge your monthly/quarterly BAS/IAS, there will be very minimal extra costs associated with lodging the JobKeeper reporting at the same time, as most of the data we need will already be at hand in preparing these other lodgements. If it is more complicated than that we will speak with you first before moving ahead.

6. For New Clients

For those not using our services at present, and you would like to engage us to lodge on your behalf, then our price will be on application, as we will need to assess how “clean” your current file and data is, and possibly do some work on this, before being able to sign off on the figures that will need to be submitted.

If this is you, we are happy to give you an initial 20 minute consultation to assess your situation, without charge.
Click here to book your appointment or call our office – 07 3558 1033

7. Do It Your Self

If you are doing the process yourself, please ensure you have read the latest fact sheets and instructions that are being updated on the ATO website

 Please be sure to keep checking the Treasury and ATO websites for updates and information.


If you require further support, please don’t hesitate to email or call our team.

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